Deal of the Day: Radiopaq Custom Tuned Classical Earphones for £10!

We've spotted a right old bargain on Amazon UK, where the Radiopaq Custom Tuned Classical Earphones are now selling for just under £10 with free UK delivery!

Our sister site tested the Radiopaq Custom Tuned Classical Earphones all the way back in May 2009, and while they didn't turn out to be the most impressive piece of kit, at this price, they're worth snapping up. The meagre bundle (three pairs of earbuds), rather flat sound and limited dynamic range landed these in-ears a three-star review, making them a pretty mediocre option considering the original retail price of £60. But for a tenner, they're actually pretty good value, offering a decent trade-off between price and performance.

As the name suggests, these in-ears are supposed to be optimised for listening to classical music. Radiopaq also makes models for Jazz, Pop and Rock, which we haven't tested, but which are also currently selling for £9.98.

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