Published on November 15, 2013 8:41 AM

Philips Fidelio L2: The Must-Have Headphones for 2014?

Stay tuned for our full review, coming soon

Although it may not be the world's top-selling headphones range, the Philips Fidelio line has been a real hit among serious audio buffs and the specialist press. The second-generation models of these star headphones are currently in the process of rolling out, and the L2 has just arrived in our audio test lab.

As far as we're concerned, the L1 is a must-have pair of high-end portable circumaural headphones for anyone who's serious about sound. They shook up the world of portable audio. And, once again, they proved how a brand that's not especially renowned in the sector can conquer this premium market. Even faced with expensive top-end alternatives like the Sennheiser Momentum, there's still no match for the Fidelio in our eyes.

Philips Fidelio L2

And so Philips has built on the Fidelio range's excellent foundations to taken things one step further with a second product generation. The Fidelio L2 use the same style of headband seen in the M1 and adopt their more modern-feeling colour scheme. These new semi-open-backed headphones bring several changes to the original L1, both in terms of build and audio output. The rear grille, for example, is now larger in size.

Although the Fidelio L2 are now here in our test lab, we'll need a good few more hours of testing and listening before we can really pass judgement on this update. Still, we're already pretty much certain that the L2 headphones are going to be a must-have for 2014.

Stay tuned our full review of the Philips Fidelio L2 headphones, coming soon. In the meantime, you can compare the L2 and the L1 in the photo gallery above.
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