Review: Klipsch Custom-1

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Published: March 5, 2009 11:00 PM
By Tristan François
We've recently tested the Custom-3 and Image X-10 headphones from Klipsch, and while these Custom-1s aren't in the same league, they're still worth looking at.

What's in the box?
The packaging for the Custom-1 is a lot lighter than the Custom-3, but we can't complain too much as these headphones are further down Klipsch's range.

The real problem is the lack of foam tips: brands like Shure and Jays provide them because they're well-known for improving comfort, something that's even more important on these Custom models that sit deep inside your ear.

The carrying case is on the bigger side, but at least the earphones will be safe.

The Custom-1 are all black with Klipsch written in white letters. The flexible ear wires come pre-formed to fit most ears, but to get a true custom feel, you need to tweak the bend and maybe adjust the angle of the earbud in your ear.

Sound Quality

The Custom-1s are mono-drivers so they are bound to lack bass and detail.  As predicted, the bass lags behind what you'll hear on Klipsh's own Custom-3s or even the Q-Jays.  But when it comes to detail, we were in for a surprise. The mid-tones are where the Custom-1s really excel: they're not just audible, but sound excellent.  With the treble following on not far behind, the sound is well-balanced and relatively clear. 

Of course, these Custom-1s aren't the best choice for live music, but they are just one example of the excellent mono-drivers we've been seeing lately.  They also confirm our suspicion that it might be time to revisit Shure's range of in-ear headphones.  For a long time they've been at the top of the pack, but plenty of other manufacturers are closing in.
4/5 Klipsch Custom-1 DigitalVersus 2009-03-06 00:00:00


  • Detail
  • Mid-tones
  • Case


  • Bass levels
  • No foam tips


The Custom-1 confrim that Klipsch is serious about sound. They are not the best mono-drivers around but perform very well.