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Tristan François Published on May 17, 2011
Translated by Catherine Barraclough


  • Headphone Type
  • Speaker
  • Cable Length m
  • Weight 462 g
The P531 as almost identical to the Ozone Strato headset. However, as well as the addition of some rather cheap looking silver paint, we also noticed that Arctic's version isn't as well built as Ozone's and several of the components wobble or feel loose—particularly the microphone arm. Plus, the fabric used to cover the headphones isn't as soft and nice as that used in the Strato.

All of this means that the P531 gets one less star for design
than the Ozone version. The P531 therefore gets a three-star score overall, rather then the Strato's four stars.

For more information about audio quality, please go to the Ozone Strato review.

An (Almost) Genuine 5.1 Headset
Unlike headphones and headsets that use (generally rubbish) spatialisation software, the P531 is a genuine 5.1 headset ... well, almost.

Strictly speaking, this headset is actually a 2x(3.1) system. The central speaker of a genuine 5.1 system is recreated by a synchronised transmission of sound from the two front speakers in the headphones. Plus, two speakers are used to reproduce the bass instead of one ('.1') subwoofer. This is a necessary evil though, as otherwise the subwoofer would have to be stuck in the middle of the headband!

This kind of speaker-packed headphone design has already been seen in Zalman headsets, and it's definitely the best option for getting decent spatial sound without breaking the bank. That said, we still think there's still room for improvement ...


  • Easy to install and use
  • Heavy but comfortable to wear
  • Decent spatial effect


  • Poor-quality finish
  • Lacks precision
  • Lack of sub-bass and general balance
  • Feels heavy when you wear it for a while


Although the Arctic Sound P531 headset is almost identical to the Ozone Strato, the P351 loses a star due to its low-grade finish.
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