Published on January 27, 2013 2:02 PM

Nvidia GeForce Titan: New High-End Graphics Card?

This monster card could be landing in February

Logo nvidiaNvidia could be first off the mark to out a new high-end graphics card in 2013. Initial rumours are starting to swell about a new card coming as soon as February.

Sweclockers is reporting that a GeForce Titan or Titanium graphics card could be due to land in February with a Kepler-based GK110 GPU—a seriously pimped version of the GK104 that's used in the GeForce GTX 670 and GTX 680.

The GK110 has already been seen in professional-level cards like the Tesla K20X and Tesla K20. Those models boast 2688 and 2496 CUDA cores, compared with 1536 cores for the GeForce GTX 680. Performance with this new GeForce Titan should be pretty impressive. It's estimated at about 85% of the GeForce GTX 690, which has two graphics processing chips.

Nvidia is apparently planning to distribute the new card in a similar way to the GTX 690. In other words, it'll be made by Nvidia then supplied to individual manufacturers who won't be allowed to make any changes to the cooling system or the card's general design. This GeForce Titan/Titanium card is apparently due to sell for the princely sum of $899.

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