Published on February 11, 2013 11:09 AM

AMD Radeon HD 8000: Not Before Late 2013!

Radeon HD 7000s go into overtime

Originally expected for the second quarter of 2013, AMD's new video card range won't hit the market until late 2013.

The Radeon HD 7970 has now been on the market for nearly 14 months and won't be celebrating its retirement until it has blown out its second candle. AMD has just confirmed a roadmap published on 4gamer that shows the Radeon HD 7000 holding out until the end of the third quarter of 2013.

Amd radeon 2013 roadmap confirmed s Amd radeon 2013 roadmap confirmed s

Since the true Radeon HD 8000s—not the OEM versions, which are actually just repackaged 7000s—won't be on shelves until late this year, that leaves the path clear for Nvidia, who is launching its new super-card, the GeForce Titan, in a few days' time. It also means that AMD will have carte blanche to postpone its release of the successors to the GeForce 600.

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