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Régis Jehl Published on January 20, 2010
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  • Chip Juniper
  • GPU frequency 700 MHz
  • Memory quantity 1 GB
  • Memory type GDDR5
  • Memory frequency 1150 MHz
  • Cooler double decker
Launched in October 2009, the Radeon HD 5750 is a smaller version of the 5770. It has all the same advantages: Direct X11 compatibility and moderate energy consumption. How does it do in gaming?

Size, noise and heat generation

Very short at 18.5 cm, the 5750 does nevertheless come with a double decker cooler. Apparently however, the cooling system we saw on our test card isn’t the same on all the models on the market.

The fan was quite noisy. In idle, while the chip was maintained at 38°C, noise levels were 42.4 dB(A). This is already noticeable and you certainly couldn’t call it quiet. We would have preferred a slightly warmer card with a quieter fan.

In load the chip doesn’t get any hotter than 82°C for noise levels at 48.4 db(A). Although a little noisy, this is more or less acceptable and will generally be tolerated by those in the same room.

Energy consumption

As with the whole Radeon HD 5000 series, energy consumption is nicely contained. At idle we got 80 W for the whole of our configuration. This is an excellent score! In intensive 3D usage we took a reading of only 190 W, again very good. An eco friendly card! Power comes via a single PCI-E 6 pin connector.

Gaming performance

Overall we don’t advise this card for those who have high res screens. It's more aimed at those with low definition – 1280x1024 for example. Even then, you need to make compromises in terms of your graphics settings on heavy games. If this doesn’t worry you too much or if you don’t do a great deal of gaming, this model will do you fine. Otherwise, go for something a bit more powerful.

Average overall performance.
Click on the image to see all our readings
and compare this model with other cards.

Taking the example of World in Conflict, where the 5750 obtained 33 fps at 1280 with filters activated, the 5770 was up to 39 fps. In Far Cry 2, at 1680 but without filters the respective averages were 51 fps and 61 fps.
The card at a glance
For our tests, we use the HIS Radeon HD 5750. It's based on ATI’s stock design with identical clocks and cooler. Connectivity is also standard with two DVI outs, an HDMI and a mini DisplayPort

The bundle is limited with just a DVI to VGA adaptor, a Molex to PCI-E and a CD and manual. You do however get a coupon for Colin McRae DiRT 2.K, which is a good deal.

We also like the fact that you can get DTS HD MA and Dolby Digital Rue HD in bitstream through the HDMI out.


  • Bulky
  • DirectX 11 compatibility
  • Very low energy consumption


  • Limited with most recent titles
  • Fan noise


A little card that we would have liked a bit quieter. Otherwise, for the occasional gamer with a low res screen, it can do the job.
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