Published on February 7, 2011 7:14 PM

Nokrosoft Or Microkia

With the approach of Nokia's big announcement on February 11, three days before the opening of Mobile World Congress, speculation is running high. Many analysts are suggesting that Windows Phone 7 OS is about to be rolled out across Nokia smartphones.

As we have mentioned here several times over the last few months, Nokia has obviously been suffering, due to missing the boat somewhat on smartphones. It has been looking for ways back in, or at least for ways to avoid seeing its market share fall even more.

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, recently admitted
that 'it's time for Nokia to change more quickly'. What with its aging OS (Symbian), a new system that's taking longer than planned (Meego) and a competitor that's going such great guns (Anrdoid), Nokia may well see the attraction of an existing system. A partnership with Google and Android perhaps? Several analysts seem to be suggesting that an alliance with Microsoft is more likely. Remember, Stephen Elop is ex-Microsoft.

The recent Windows Phone 7 OS, not previously seen as having a very rosy future, if analysts Gartner are to be believed, could now see itself launched across Nokia branded devices, in addition to the licenses bought by LG, HTC and Samsung, whose roadmaps seem nevertheless to privilege Android for 2011.

This would, then, be a win-win for both Nokia and Microsoft. On the one hand, Nokia, who would continue to supply its entry level phones with Symbian, while juggling between Meego and WP7 higher up the range, and on the other, Microsoft who would find in Nokia a sizeable ally to help it take on its sworn enemy, Google.

Whatever its recent difficulties, Nokia remains the worldwide telephony leader, with a 30.6% market share. The pressure's on its new CEO to make the right decisions to make up lost ground.

Rendezvous here on Friday to find out if the rumours are true. In the meantime, according to the German magazine Wirtschaftswoche, Stephen Elop is apparently looking for new blood at the top of the company and predicts that we'll be seeing heads roll shortly!