Published on February 7, 2013 1:23 PM

Meet AutomeeS, The Tablet-Cleaning Robot

Anyone heading to Japan anytime soon?

While we usually bring you news about high-brow products like 4K TVs and 4G smartphones, for once, we couldn't resist sharing our love for something a bit more gadgety. The AutomeeS is a mini robotic tablet-screen cleaner ... and we love it.

The Takaa Tomy AutomeeS is a little Japanese robot that we can't get enough of. This compact critter scoots around the screens of touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones wiping away fingerprints and greasy smears as it goes. Although its uses are pretty limited and it won't really save you that much time, we still think the AutoMeeS is pretty cool. Just think—you won't have to lift a finger to keep your tablet screen clean. Plus, it's due to launch in March in Japan for 1575 yen, which makes for a bargain-worthy £11. 

This tablet-cleaning robot runs on two AAA batteries, weighs under 100 grammes and gets the job done in less than five minutes. The AutomeeS moves around on a set of rotating feet and, like full-sized robotic vacuum cleaners, is equipped with sensors to stop it from falling off the edge of the device being cleaned. The demo video seems to show that the robot moves around randomly, but in predetermined trajectories. As it moves, a couple of cleaning wheels spin round to wipe the surface clean. Anyone heading to Japan anytime soon?

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