Published on September 11, 2011 11:00 PM

Duels: Battle of the Five Star Products

DigitalVersus already offers you a whole load of expert product reviews and a handy face-off for comparing and contrasting different models. However, we still thought one thing was missing: duels. The idea is simple: we take two of our favourite five-star products and put them head to head in a gruelling show-down to find out which one is the real cream of the crop!

We often get asked whether we consider all five-star products to be exactly the same quality, or whether we still have our favourites.  After giving this some thought, we soon realised that we do usually have a favourite model. So, category by category, we're going to be sifting through the best of the best in order to identify these all-out winners.  And, given that five stars is already a great score, we're not going to be forgiving of any problems we encounter!

After reading our reviews, checking the face-off and looking at our buyer's guides, many readers are often left with two or three options that they can't decide between.  Hopefully, these duels will help you narrow your choice down even further because, as they say, there can only be one winner!
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