Published on February 14, 2013 10:23 AM

Rumour Round-Up: Sony PS4, New Microsoft XBOX

Sony could present its PS4 on 20 February!

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Rumours about upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been really heating up over the last few weeks. The PlayStation 4 and the new XBOX are both eagerly awaited, but what exactly do we know about these next-gen consoles? Time to take a closer look at all those rumours.

Sony and Microsoft have a track record for delivering power-packed consoles, so all eyes are on the hardware planned for these new-gen models. That no doubt explains why we've been seeing so many "scoops" about onboard components in both devices, some of which are more credible than others. Among all the obvious and improbable technologies reported, however, it does seem clear that the architecture of both devices should be similar to what you'd find in a PC.

Rumours widely report the presence of eight-core AMD processors with 4 GB of RAM for the PS4 and 8 GB for the XBOX. AMD GPUs are mentioned too. The CPU will apparently use AMD's new low-power-use "Jaguar" architecture. This is said to have been further optimised for the occasion, as it was originally designed for budget smartphones and tablets. In any case, the sight of AMD CPUs and GPUs in both consoles would give AMD some serious one-upmanship over its rivals Intel and NVIDIA!

More Info About Sony's PS4 Than Microsoft's New XBOX

An interesting analysis piece on points out that a GPU derived from the Radeon 7970M is a feasible possibility for the PS4. This chip would give very good performances here, as it would be much easier to get the best out of this GPU in a fixed architecture set-up like a console (which isn't the case with PCs). On top of that, Sony is rumoured to be using a second GPU in the PS4 to relieve the CPU of some of its processing tasks.

All of these chips could be built into one single processor in order to reduce power use, limit the risk of breakdowns and keep overall costs down. This could help Sony limit any losses incurred by its upcoming console—you may remember that the PS3 was sold at a loss for a relatively long time.

Less seems to be known about the XBOX, and especially its GPU. Again according to Eurogamer (although based on a document that seems a bit too opportunistic to be entirely credible), the Microsoft console could have 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with 32 MB of super-fast ESRAM to make up for the relative slowness of this type of memory (compared with the faster GDDR5 RAM used in the PS4). Of those 8 GB, 3 GB of RAM are apparently reserved for the system. Similarly, two CPU cores could be set aside for tasks not related to games themselves. Indeed, with a voice recognition system and Kinect 2 to manage (some rumours say the Kinect 2 will be bundled with the console), the new XBOX will no doubt require a certain amount of processing power to keep things running smoothly. Ring-fencing this power the CPU would ensure users get the same experience with these functions no matter what game they're playing.

New Controllers

While the XBOX 360 controller was largely a hit among gamers, the DualShock 3 hasn't evolved a whole lot compared with earlier versions shipped with the PS1 and PS2. The PS4 could therefore see Sony introduce a new, improved and redesigned controller with enhanced ergonomics. It could feature some kind of touchpad, as seen in the PS Vita. Sony could even go as far as to include a built-in screen, like in the Wii U Gamepad. Who knows! We're not expecting to see massive changes in Microsoft's controller, but there'll no doubt be a few tweaks here and there.

Second-Hand Games

While the move away from physical games cartridges/discs has already hampered the market for second hand games (most games bought via online platforms are linked to a user account), the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony could restrict things further. A recent patent registered by Sony suggest that the PS4 may not support used video games. Other rumours suggest that an Internet connection will be necessary to use the next XBOX. That's clearly a good way for games publishers to keep control over their games. However, it may not necessarily lead to increased sales, as gamers won't be able to buy, sell, swap or borrow games second hand, and may not be able to afford to buy brand news ones regularly.

Expected By End Of 2013

The first console to arrive in stores should be the Sony PS4. In fact, a PlayStation Meeting is already scheduled to be held in New York on 20 February, where pretty much everyone expects to see the PlayStation 4 unveiled (even if Sony hasn't officially confirmed this). Then again, the firm could just be calling a meeting to outline its new console and gaming roadmap, notably since buying Gaïkaï last year.

It'll certainly be interesting to see how Microsoft reacts if the PS4 is presented next week—almost four months ahead of the E3 2013 gaming trade show! Stay tuned to DigitalVersus to find out more.

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