Published on February 15, 2013 1:13 PM

Photo: Is This The PS4's New Touchscreen Controller?

Touchscreen and new sticks for the DualShock 4?

So, yesterday we were talking about the latest PS4 and Xbox rumours, and lo and behold, this photo pops up of what looks like the next PlayStation controller...

A prototype? Something close to the final version? Of course, there's always the possibility the photo's a fugazi, but it looks like this could well be the real deal. Hopefully we'll get our answer at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York on 20 February. In the meantime, cautiously assuming that what we see is what we'll get, this controller—we'll call it 'DualShock 4'—looks like it's introducing something new to the PlayStation experience: a touchscreen on the front where the Start, Select and PS buttons usually are. Or maybe it's a glossy touchpad, but that would be surprising... You can't see the back of the controller in the photo, but we imagine it could be a good place to put a touchpad, say, a smaller version of the PlaySation Vita's touchpad.

DualShock 4 PS4

Another new addition looks like concave analog sticks similar to the Xbox 360 Controller's (the DualShock 3's sticks are convex). The D-Pad looks like it's modelled after the PS Vita and might be more comfortable than the current one. In the space between the two analog sticks, there's what looks like a speaker with a headphone jack underneath.

And then there's the illuminated patch on top, sort of like the PS Move controllers—is Sony preparing a new mtion detecting EyeToy camera?

We expect answers to all this and more come next Wednesday! Stay tuned...

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