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Vincent Lheur Published on April 26, 2010
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  • Capacity
  • Format
  • Interface
  • Rotation Speed 5400 rpm
  • Cache 8 MB
  • Write Speed NC
The G2 range is Samsung's latest family of portable external hard drives.  They're available in different sizes from 250 GB to 640 GB, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs and your budget.  We tested the 640 GB version.

On the outside, the design is reasonably attractive, with a good quality plastic finish.  The surface is covered with an unusual texture that feels like scales to the touch, which is useful as it stops the drive sliding off a table too easily.  A small LED lets you know when it's plugged in and flashes when data is being transferred.

It comes in four different colours: cobalt blue, olive green, white and black.

On the inside, there's a Samsung Spinpoint M7 disc which turns at 5400 rpm, with an 8 MB cache and a SATA-II interface.  The G2 is incredibly quiet and doesn't get very warm, two excellent features on a portable device like this.

What you'd expect from a USB 2.0 connection

You connect the G2 to your computer or any other device using a USB 2.0 cable, and the speeds on offer are excellent, easily managing to reach the maximum supported by our USB 2.0 interface when reading large files, topping out at 33.1 MB/s.  Writing wasn't too far off the maximum speed either at 26.1 MB/s.

Of course, the speeds are smaller when you're working with smaller files, but the G2 is still performs well compared to the competition.  It's still a good way beyond the best of today's drives, especially the LaCie Rugged eSATA which soars ahead thanks to its use of an eSATA connection.

Read speeds in MB/s for three different types of file (small, medium and large)

Write speeds in MB/s for three different types of file (small, medium and large)

Finally, we should point out that this drive has a three year guarantee, something that's more than welcome on a product of this type.
The G2 comes with two programs: SecretZone and AutoBackup. The former is used to encrypt your data in a special private area of the hard drive. It's not very easy to use and we can't see that many people thinking it's worth it.

Auto Backup, on the other hand, allows you to program which files you'd like to keep a copy of. It takes a bit of get used to, but it's much easier than SecretZone.


  • Performs well for a 2.5'' drive
  • Attractive design available in several colours
  • Quiet
  • Available in several sizes from 250 GB to 640 GB


  • Not much point in SecretZone software


This is a very good 2.5'' external hard drive, but it only performs as well as a USB 2.0 connection will allow.
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