eReader Review: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Touchscreen, built-in light and free 3G access

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes in two versions: Wi-Fi only (£109) and Wi-Fi + 3G (£169). According to Amazon it's their "most advanced e-reader ever constructed!"

The Paperwhite boasts higher resolution (62% more pixels), higher contrast, a lighter, thinner design and 8 weeks of battery life. Is it really "perfect for beach, perfect for bed"?

Please note: If you were hoping to order the Paperwhite as a Christmas gift, then you're out of luck. Due to popular demand (at least, so Amazon says), the Kindle Paperwhite is currently out of stock. Any orders placed now will arrive after December 24th and are limited to two Kindles per customer. That should be just long enough to give the Paperwhite's lit-screen competitors, such as the Kobo Glo and Cybook Odyssey Frontlight, time to get a foot in the door.

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