Published: July 3, 2012 9:17 AM
By Franck Mée
Translated by: Catherine Barraclough
The Sony RX100 packs a 20-Megapixel, 1-inch sensor (that's four times the size of those usually found in compact cameras!) and a 28-100 mm zoom lens into a body the size of a regular point-and-shoot. Wow!

Sony Cyber-shot RX100
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On paper, the Sony RX100 raises the bar for competitor expert compacts. It packs a 1-inch sensor and a 28-100 mm lens (that's nice and fast at wide-angle settings, with f/1.8 compared with f/4.9 for telephoto) into a body the size of lightweight models like the Panasonic LX5 or the Canon S100. In theory, the RX100 should be able to deliver the picture quality and versatility of an interchangeable lens compact but in the pocket-friendly format of a regular consumer compact.

Without wanting to give too much away, we've had to re-adjust our scoring criteria for other compact cameras after testing this beast. See the full review to find out more.

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