Published: February 26, 2013 9:05 AM
By Catherine Barraclough
While some camera-makers are already on their twelfth generation of expert compacts (e.g. Canon's G series, launched in 2000), Pentax has finally got round to outing its first advanced compact snapper in 2013.

Pentax MX-1
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The MX-1 is based on the same lens unit and sensor as the Olympus XZ-2 but comes loaded with Pentax's own image processing system and with a 60s style retro casing. So how can you be sure to stand out from the likes of the Olympus ZX-2, Panasonic LX7, Sony RX100, Samsung EX2F, Fuji X10 and Canon G15 when you're a latecomer to the market?  Find out in our review.

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