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BUYER'S GUIDE / The Best DSLR Cameras

Pick of the best DSLRs

The 6 best digital cameras of the moment: the best all-rounder, the best-value digital camera, the best budget option, the best choice if money is no object.

Editor's Choice : Sony Alpha 77 II

The first Alpha 77 was a revolutionary camera for many reasons, such as its electronic viewfinder, fast shooting and swivel screen. For the Alpha 77 Mark II, it wasn't until the firmware 2.00 update that it hit its stride, at which point it became once again the best fastest DSLR camera with an APS-C sensor. It has plenty of advantages over standard DSLRs and is definitely worth your attention!

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Store Available Price £ P&P
Amazon 74.89 - See offer  
Amazon 703.45 - See offer  
Amazon 878.28 - See offer  
Amazon 903.79 - See offer  
Amazon 958.47 - See offer  
Pixmania - 1212.59 - See offer  

Advanced Weatherproofing : Pentax K-3

The Pentax K-3 is a sturdy and hard-wearing but quite traditional SLR. It doesn't get any newfangled features like Wi-Fi, GPS, touch-controls, a swivel screen or extra video features. However, the basics are all covered very well, from the 100% optical viewfinder, the tough all-weather finish and the speedy 8 fps burst mode, to the mechanical stabilisation system and 24-Megapixel sensor.

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Store Available Price £ P&P
Pixmania 569.99 +6.9 See offer  
Pixmania 607.90 +6.9 See offer  
Amazon 620.00 - See offer  
WEX Photographic - 699.00 - See offer  
John Lewis - 699.00 - See offer  
Amazon 749.00 - See offer  
Amazon 935.91 - See offer  
Amazon 1227.26 - See offer  
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The Simple Adventuror : Pentax K-S2

The K-S2 is brimming with good ideas. It should have no trouble finding buyers, thanks to its tropicalised body and lens, intuitive build and controls, bright viewfinder, customisability, swivel screen and picture quality. Other aspects might turn users off, such as slow shooting and noisy operation, but we can't help but think that with just a little more at their disposal, Ricoh-Pentax's R&D could do something truly amazing.

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Store Available Price £ P&P
Amazon 499.00 - See offer  
WEX Photographic - 529.00 - See offer  
Amazon 539.39 - See offer  
Amazon 549.99 - See offer  

Budget Option : Canon EOS 100D

The EOS 100D is effectively a mini version of the 650D. This compact DSLR has the same main strengths as its full-sized counterpart, with a user-friendly design, a good sensor, quality electronics and an excellent screen. Plus, this mini version is speedier to use and is obviously more portable. However, the kit zoom lens lets the side down. It's too big for this compact camera body, it's plagued by optical aberrations and it has trouble maintaining sharpness. Potential 100D owners should seriously think about replacing the lens to get the best out of their camera.

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Store Available Price £ P&P
Amazon 279.00 - See offer  
WEX Photographic - 279.00 - See offer  
Currys - 289.00 - See offer  
Amazon 330.00 - See offer  
Amazon 350.00 - See offer  
Argos.co.uk 449.99 +3.95 See offer  

24x36mm, Tilt Display & Wi-Fi : Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 is fast, it's lightweight and it takes gorgeous pictures. It's a full-frame DSLR that's more modern than its predecessors by integrating a tilt display and Wi-Fi. All it's really lacking is a bit of daring.

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Store Available Price £ P&P
Pixmania 1329.05 +6.9 See offer  

Top Value : Nikon D5300

By ditching the low-pass filter, borrowing a sensor from a higher-end model, adding a new image processor, building in a GPS and Wi-Fi, improving design, and speeding up performances, Nikon has made a triumphant return to the enthusiast DSLR market with the D5300. This is much more than a bog-standard update of the D5200!

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Store Available Price £ P&P
WEX Photographic - 499.00 - See offer  
Currys - 499.00 - See offer  
Amazon 515.47 - See offer  

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