Published on June 30, 2010 3:50 PM

unRAID Review: a NAS that beats RAID-5 for performance and price

We've just finished our tests on a new NAS, the unRAID from Lime Technology.  But just so we're clear, it isn't actually NAS at all, but a piece of software that allows you to transform any ordinary PC into a secure NAS server.  Not only do we like the idea, but the price is pretty good too: the basic version is free!

We'd given up on testing anything from Drobo FS whose Beyond Raid concept had impressed us, so we went looking for an equivalent solution from other manufacturers.  After looking online, we found this unRAID software, developed by Lime Technology, which seems to do more or less the same things as Beyond Raid.  We read the info, picked through the wiki and the forum and said: why not put it on a USB key and take it for a spin?
> Test: Lime Technology unRAID

> Product Survey: NAS

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