Published on July 9, 2012 1:11 PM

Raspberry Pi: It's Here!

A computer for under £30? That's exactly what the Raspberry Pi Foundation has cooked up with a mini single-motherboard PC. Since receiving CE accreditation, the production lines have been up and running in preparation to start shipping the device in a few weeks' time.

We received our Raspberry Pi on Friday and we still can't get over how tiny its is. Check it out in the photo below:

Raspberry pi site
No bigger than a cigarette box!
Raspberry pi test ssd
Our Antec Skeleton test PC looks massive in comparison!
After taking a few minutes to copy Debian Image for ARM onto the SD card used for storage, our Pi was already up and running with a proper graphic environment.

Raspberry pi lesnums
A few minutes later it was working!

So what now? We're not exactly sure. We guess we'll get on with testing it in various ways over the next few weeks. If you have any specific ideas or things you'd like to see tried out, let us know in the forum and we'll try to take on board your requests!

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