Published on June 23, 2010 12:54 PM

Intel price cut: Core i7 950 down 47.7%

Intel Core i7 950
The prices of processors is regularly reduced to facilitate the introduction of higher performance models. The model whose price has been cut today is the Intel Core i7 950.

A 4 core high-end model, this processor is used in socket 1366 motherboards. Its base clock is 3.06 GHz and Turbo and Hyperthreading modes are both included. Up until now priced at $562 (unit price per lot of 1000), this Core i7 950 will soon be available at $294. A fall of 47.7%! This will filter through to final sale tariffs in the forthcoming weeks.

This price cut is also accompanied by the arrival of two new models: the Core i3 560 (two cores, 3.3 GHz and $138) and the Core i7 970. This most recent one is a more accessible version of the Core i7 980X, the first Intel hexacore.

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