Published on October 22, 2010 10:14 AM

Genesis: Lexmark's Rockin' Vertical Printer

The first thing that strikes you about this printer is its unusual design, as it looks like nothing we've ever seen before. The second thing is perhaps its name—Genesis—although it's got nothing to do with Phil Collins.

Lexmark has had us on tenterhooks for months over this UFO-turned-printer.  We've just found out that we'll be able to have a go with it at the end of November, and we hope we'll manage to coax it into our test lab sometime after that.

The recently revealed Genesis S815 is a four-in-one multifunction model (copier, printer, scanner and fax) that's fast, and has a capacitive touchscreen plus Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a double-sided printing function, a flash scanner that does the job in three seconds flat and it takes four separate ink cartridges.

There's no word on release dates yet, but price is rumoured to be somewhere in the region of $399. Yikes!

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