Published on November 9, 2012 11:13 AM

Is Apple Really Considering Switching The iMac Over To ARM Processors?

Apple quite intelThere's been talk for some time now that Apple is thinking of switching its laptop and desktop computers from Intel processors to ARM chips. Here's our take on the rumour.

Intel has been making the processors for Apple computers for almost seven years now. You'll find them on everything from the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to the iMac. Now even Bloomberg has joined in on the fun, suggesting that Apple may be considering the possibility of switching its computers to ARM processors, just as it did with the iPad and iPhone.

This seems rather baffling to me. As of today neither Apple nor Intel have confirmed the rumour. Now, ARM chips may have made outstanding progress since they began, but they're still miles away from an Intel chip. They would certainly boost the battery life of any Apple product, but what's the point in doubling the battery life of a device that takes three times as long to execute a task?

I see three possible explanations for the rumour. One, Apple's trying to put the hurt on Intel in a bid to coerce them into lowering their prices. Apple's a big client and it would be quite a blow to watch them switch over to the competition.

Two, Apple is preparing a new product line of MacBook Airs that are less powerful and less expensive to fill the gaping void in the market left by the quasi-extinction of the netbook.

Three, it's just a rumour.

Either way, it's all conjecture. Only time (or Apple or Intel) will tell.

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