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Vincent Alzieu Published on March 28, 2012
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  • Sensor LED
  • Wired? / Docking Station? yes / no
  • Battery
  • Maximum Resolution 3200 dpi
  • Reporting Frequency 1000 Hz
SteelSeries has improved its existing range of mice, adding lots of extra buttons and additional weight. The Kinzu v2 Pro was extremely light and came without any buttons on the sides. The Kana however has one on each side and is a bit more substantial. Both developments are welcome!

Kinzu v2 pro
When it comes to LED mice, this is the design we like
right down to the black and orange plaited cable

Thankfully, buttons have been reintroduced on the sides of this model! Whether doing intensive surfing or gaming, they’ve become indispensable to the point where we couldn’t imagine buying a mouse without them!

The other improvement is that the weight of the mouse has been increased to 78 grammes here. This is still light in comparison to the Ikari laser, or the 116 to 150 grammes of the Logitech G500 that we like so much. It’s no doubt a question of taste but we prefer our mice with a bit of substance that you can feel when you're moving them around.

Nice… if you like orange

The sensor, also LED, does better on a mouse mat than straight on the desk. It works well and can cope with rapid movements of up to 3.5 metres/second.

Cube m s
For gamers a mouse needs a sensor that does over 3 metres/sec.

If you’re looking for quiet buttons however, look elsewhere. Here, you hear them when you press on them. The scroll is as usual affected by the notorious SteelSeries bug: you thnk it’s clickable on the right hand side, but it isn’t.
The range
This image illustrates the different sizes of SteelSeries mice very nicely: the Kana is a step up from the Kinzu or a step down from the Sensei.

It's still very light however at 72 grammes. Only the Sensei weighs over 100 grammes.


  • The sensor copes with speeds of almost 4 m/s
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed users
  • A button on each side
  • Pretty
  • Plaited cable
  • Very low CPU consumption, in spite of being 1000 Hz


  • Too light: 78 g
  • The LED sensor works best on a mouse mat
  • Noisy scroll with notches; some Logitech scrolls come with a choice of scrolls or not (G500)
  • Big pads but they won't last for ever, unlike those on the Nova X 600


The Kana is an excellent mouse with one button on either side, a nice design and a good LED sensor. It will above all interest those looking for a light mouse - we find it a little on the light side (30 grammes too much so). A laser rather than an LED sensor would also have been welcome to allow the user to use it without a mouse pad.
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