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REVIEW / Roccat Lua: gaming on a shoestring

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Alexandre Botella Published on May 17, 2013
Translated by Catherine Barraclough


  • Sensor Optical
  • Wired? / Docking Station? yes / no
  • Battery USB
  • Maximum Resolution 2000 dpi
  • Reporting Frequency 1000 Hz


The Roccat Lua is a gaming mouse with a budget price tag. It's suitable for left- or right-handed users and has a 2000 dpi sensor plus a polling rate of 1000 Hz. Selling for up to a third less than higher-end gaming mice, the Lua certainly looks like an attractive option. But can this cut-price mouse really live up to its pricier counterparts? Read on to find out.


The upper edge of the Lua is finished in a matte, black, soft-touch material. The edges, however, have a coarser finish to help ensure good grip and optimise handling. On the whole, this mouse has a plain and sober kind of look, but it doesn't scream cheapness. In fact, first impressions are really quite good. 

Roccat Lua review - right side
Roccat Lua review - side

Although the Lua is a pretty standard length (11.5 cm), it's still not long enough to support your wrist. The mouse's body is also quite slim (5.5 to 6.5 cm) so your ring and little fingers can't hitch a ride on the casing.

Roccat Lua review - underside

At 70 grammes, this mouse's weight does remove some element of "prestige" and it can make it feel rather hollow. However, it doesn't have any negative impact on use. The feet ensure smooth and discreet glide. 

Roccat Lua scroll wheel
Roccat Lua back

A symmetrical design means that the Lua is suitable for both left- and right-handed users. However, that in turn means that there are no buttons or controls on the sides of the mouse. In fact, the only extra button on offer here is located just behind the scroll wheel.

This button isn't particularly easy to reach, and so isn't practical for controls or macros that you need to use quickly and/or frequently. In its out-of-the-box configuration, Roccat uses this button for changing the dpi on the fly. There are seven levels to choose from in the driver (250, 500, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 and 2000 dpi), which is available to download from Roccat's website (see inset).


With a maximum polling rate of 1000 Hz, the Lua will be fine for day-to-day computer users (office computing, web browsing, etc.) and for those needing greater levels of precision (gamers, graphic designers, etc.).

Roccat Lua responsiveness
A gaming mouse needs to track movements of at least three metres per second.
The Roccat Lua can track up to 3.5 m/s.

This mouse effectively reports its position to the computer once every millisecond. Still, you'll need a computer powerful enough to handle the extra demands on CPU use (between 10% and 45% depending on the type of movement). When using a laptop with a limited amount of processing power (like a netbook or a notebook with a low-power CPU), you'll be better off switching the polling rate down to 500 Hz in the driver to keep things running smoothly.
Minimalist Driver
The driver for Roccat's Lua doesn't have as many options as the drivers that come with the higher-end Kone XTD and Kone Pure gaming mice. Here, there's no section for managing macros or profiles, and you can't customise the dpi levels.

Lua pilote 700

You can, however, deactivate any dpi levels you don't want to use, change the polling rate (ranging from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz) and switch on and off the backlit Roccat logo on the back of the mouse.


  • Tracks movement at up to 3.5 metres per second
  • Price
  • Understated design
  • Suitable for right- and left-handers


  • Driver is less function-rich than usual with Roccat mice
  • No thumb buttons
  • Scroll wheel can't be switched between notched/smooth


The Roccat Lua lacks a few buttons and some driver functionality to compete with the best gaming mice. However, at this price point, the Lua is one of the best options out there for gamers, as the sensor keeps track of fast-action movements.
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