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Pierre-Jean Alzieu Published on April 15, 2009
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  • Sensor Laser
  • Wired? / Docking Station? yes / NA
  • Battery Fil
  • Maximum Resolution 3200 dpi
  • Reporting Frequency 1000 Hz
The Roccat Kone is a serious contendor for the SteelSeries Ikari. It boasts 10 programmable buttons, two of which allow you to switch dpi on-the-fly, a multidirectional scroll wheel and a ProAim laser sensor going up to 3200 dpi.


The Kone is a plug-and-play device but we strongly recommend installing the software utility to be able to use all the available settings.

You can have 5 profiles and associate them with games if you wish. When you start Crysis 2 for example, the mouse will immediately activate the right profile for the game. It is also possible to switch dpi for each of these profiles (from 800 to 3200 dpi). Though we wouldn't recommend going beyond1600 -2000 dpi on a 22'' display; above that, the mouse is too fast and you lack precision.

You can also colour up your mouse thanks to the Light System that comprises 5 LEDs which are capable of displaying 38 colours. You can activate the 11 special light effects (random colours, heartbeat...) You can macro the programmable buttons easily too, this software is bliss!

TCU and Turbocore

The mouse has two interesting features.

The TCU or Tracking Control Unit, analyses the mouse pad and calibrates the laser power exactly to the surface.

The internal TurboCore Unit processes mouse calculations ...internally! The Roccat Kone can transmit data at 1000 Hz with 1ms response time, which is much appreciated by gamers and digital artists who require great accuracy. However this normally consumes vital CPU power. Here, because mouse calculations are being processed internally, you get up to twice the processing power (In our case an average consumption of 30% compared to 50% on other gaming mice).


The manufacturer made a point of studying the ergonomics. The hand covers the mouse completely and the Kone provides great gaming comfort and it slides well even without a mouse pad.

Now is it better than the Steelseries Ikari ? Well we prefer the latter for the comfort and the more natural way the hand sits on it. The Nova X600 does not do as well on some points, but slides better thanks to the fantastic ceramic feet that should really be a prerequisite on any mouse!
Customizing the weight
At only 118g, this is a rather lightweight mouse. If you prefer using a heavier mouse, you can choose to add one of the four different weights: 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g from the FastClip Weight Kit. All you have to do is clip the weight into the dedicated slot, no need to open the mouse. To release it, again, you just press the button.


  • Ergonomics
  • DPI On-the-Fly buttons
  • Great sliding
  • Outstanding Software
  • Precision of the sensor


  • Price
  • The Ikari is easier on the fingertips


The Roccat Kone has a lot going for it; ergonomics, precision, great sliding but still the Ikari remains our favourite.
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