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Vincent Alzieu Published on March 22, 2010
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  • Sensor Laser
  • Wired? / Docking Station? no / yes
  • Battery Battery
  • Maximum Resolution 1500 dpi
  • Reporting Frequency 125 Hz
Logitech's Performance MX is its high-end mouse aimed at office users, rather than avid gamers.  It's an incredible product, full of buttons that start off pre-programmed but which can be customised.  You can use it as either a wireless or wired mode--meaning you can keep using it while you charge it up--and the scroll wheel either turns freely or clicks round.  The USB connector for using it wirelessly is absolutely tiny.  The final big strength is its Darkfield Laser sensor, meaning that the mouse works even on glass.  We've tried it and are happy to endorse that claim!

So that's the sales pitch.  There are some things we like, including the finish, the shape, the number of buttons and the ability to use it on glass.  The optional cable and choice of scroll wheel behaviour are both also worthy of extra praise.  But there are some things that left us worried: because the mouse is resolutely for office use, it has a polling rate of 125 Hz, but a maximum resolution of 1 500 dpi.  Will that be enough?  And it's heavy, but is it too heavy?

More of an MX Comfort than MX Performance ...

When we put it on the scales, we saw a rather scary number appear: 160 g, making it 40% heavier than the G500 without any weights, which is how we like it.  You can certainly feel it in your hand, and while we found using the Performance MX comfortable, it doesn't really live up to its name: this isn't a mouse that's really cut out for 'performance'.  It's more designed for gentle use by people who don't want to put their wrist through too much of a workout and keep the carpal tunnel under control.  You can forget about getting the high score in your favourite game.  And for fast, accurate work, there are better mice; this one isn't just heavy, it also has a basic sensor.  Once again, the G500 which has been our favourite since it came out, does better in almost every regard.  Its sensor doesn't report its position 125 times a second, but up a thousand times a second, meaning it's much more capable of coping with rapid acceleration.

Another detail which at first counted in favour of the Performance MX actually ends up adversely affecting is accuracy: when it's running in wireless mode, it occasionally runs out of juice.  It makes sure you know ahead of time and doesn't catch you by surprise.  It lasts for at least a week, and we've been using it for a while now without any problems.  As soon as the warning pops up though, all you need to do is plug it in using the cable provided.  You can keep on using it while it's plugged in, but that makes it harder to manipulate the mouse. Adding the stiff, rigid cable, which is heavy (including its 51 g takes the whole thing over 200 g), worsens the sensation that the mouse isn't really made for moving.  As a result, you'll never forget to unplug it as soon as it's charged up agin!

As ever, you can use the supplied driver to customise the functions of the various buttons.

There are nine of them overall, but only two are really affected by the settings you can change in the driver: if you're like us, you won't need a button dedicated to zooming and changing from one app to the other, so you'll add your own favourite features instead.  We went for Ctrl + S, because regularly saving your work is vital in this game.
Left-handers like it ...
As strange as it may seem, this mouse, which has been entirely designed with right-handers in mind, isn't an anathema to left-handers.

Tristan was so impressed by it that he insisted I point out how comfortable it was using it in his left hand, even if the forward/back buttons on the side were a little tricky to reach.


  • Wired and wirless modes available
  • Scroll wheel clicks around or turns freely
  • Good battey life
  • Comfortable to use, works even on glass
  • Lots of buttons and excellent finish


  • Heavy
  • Less accurate than a G500, a real 'performance' mouse
  • Expensive


This is a very attractive, very comfortable mouse. And for a lot of you, that's more than enough! We can't help but feeling that, despite being at the top of Logitech's range, it's not as good as the more affordable G500. When will the latter get a removable cable like this mouse has?
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Store Available Price £
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