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Vincent Alzieu Published on September 15, 2008
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The Logitech MX1100 replaces an old favorite of ours, the MX1000.

Same old, same old ...

This new mouse recreates the formidable size, heavy frame and refined handling of the earlier model, and is manufactured using the same quality materials. 

Technically speaking, it too features a laser sensor, allowing it to work well on all surfaces without the need for a mouse pad.

So, what's new?

Logitech have also added some new features which were beginning to make the MX1000 look like it was lagging behind. 

New on this model is the ability to adjust resolution on the fly, and, most interestingly, a wheel which can either be set to rotate notch-by-notch or freely (see the box on the right). 

The buttons themselves have changed position slightly, and, while the mouse does still ship with a USB cable, this is to charge its batteries rather than for
transmitting its position - removing it leaves you with a wireless mouse.

Adjustable Resolution - a gamer's mouse?

The mouse's resolution is entirely customizable from 400 dpi all the way up to 1600 dpi, an improvement on the collection of presets like you find on the Razer.

The new positioning for the buttons is much improved and they fall perfectly below your fingers.

But don't get too excited - this is definitely not a mouse for gamers.  It's far too heavy, for a start, so you'll not be able to move anywhere near as fast as you can with specially-designed mice like those in the SteelSeries or the Logitech G5, for instance.

Logitech too admit that this mouse is probably too heavy for serious gaming, suggesting instead that it is destined to sit in the hands of a graphic designer doing intensively detailed work. 

Given how good a mouse it is though, it's a shame that you can't adjust its weight like you can that of a G5.

For regular everyday use, though, the MX1100 remains an excellent choice that you'll still be happy with after hundreds of hours of work, which is exactly what we liked about the MX1000. 

The new MX1100 picks up where its older brother left off and makes several new improvements.  It's hard not to be pleased with this mouse, to be honest.
Smooth scrolling - you'll never look back!
One thing that we really appreciated on this mouse is the ability to scroll very quickly by removing the small notches that normally make a mouse wheel to 'bump' from one position to the next. As well as being good fun, giving the wheel a good long roll is very useful to move up and down long pages quickly.

When we first tried it, be didn't really notice any difference in performance, but after we'd tried it for a few days, going back to a regular scroll wheel was a chore. The downside to this new innovation, though, is that you'll feel deprived whenever you have to use another mouse!


  • Scroll wheel can roll freely
  • Resolution adjustable on the fly from 400 to 1600 dpi
  • Very comfortable - if you're right-handed
  • Quality materials
  • Wired or wireless, you decide


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy
  • Not suitable for left-handers
  • Very delicate USB connection
  • USB cable not retractable so it trails on the desk


This is a very comfortable mouse, with a great deal of customizability. Its quality build makes it the Rolls Royce of mice - but remember that limos don't perform so well when they go off road: the MX1100 is just too heavy for good gaming, which is its only real fault.
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