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Vincent Alzieu Published on August 25, 2010
Translated by Jack Sims


  • Sensor Laser
  • Wired? / Docking Station? yes / NA
  • Battery Corded
  • Maximum Resolution 800 dpi
  • Reporting Frequency 125 Hz
High-end mice in the Logitech range are often very expensive. The new M500 is a well-priced intermediary alternative. Not too expensive but with nice features. Three of these are particularly important: a laser sensor which means you don't need a mouse pad, the scroll with or without notches - for you to choose - and two buttons to facilate internet browsing.

In fact this mouse is a development of a previous model, the MX400, a mouse we liked for its value for money. With the new scroll, this M500 is even better!

First nice surprise: the materials used!

You can't tell from the photo but the left and right hand sides of the mouse aren't in rigid plastic but rather in rubber. This allows you to get a really good grip on the mouse, though your fingers do sweat a little.

On the top, the plastic isn't completely smooth but slightly grainy, which is something that we appreciate, handling-wise.

A free scroll or with notches, your choice

Although in the past, on some models, you activated this via the scroll itself, here Logitech has gone for a more economical solution: a button behind the scroll. If you don't know this feature, don't think it's a gadget: it's extremely practical and definitely a plus for Logitech over the competition. If the scroll is on notch at the start, clicking on this button releases it for completely unrestricted movement which is much faster and more fluid on long web/office doc pages. It's very simple and natural to move between these modes.

This is a corded model and this will appeal to those who don't want to spend out on batteries, or bother with recharging - even if manufacturers have made a good deal of progress here with battery life that now extends to several months on the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 for example. The cord is light here and doesn't affect the movement of the mouse. Above and beyond the cord, the mouse itself is very light: 117 grammes.

What is it lacking?

We always come back to the same fault: on the pretext that only gamers will use it, there's no option for adjusting resolution on the fly, nor any choice when it comes to frequency of communication with the computer. This would be a plus for all users however, at least those who require more precision: in gaming, yes, but also for retouching images, creation of graphics and so on. For this you have to go for the excellent G500.
Its credo: value for money for the family
The absence of features such as choice of frequency with which the mouse communicates with the computer or variation in resolution is regrettable, but lets be realistic: these solutions are costly and Logitech wants to get straight to the point here: a nicely designed mouse, mainly right-handed but which left-handed people won't find impossible. You can even choose a scroll with or without notches, according to preference.

A reasonable choice to be allowed to make!


  • Rubber on the sides, grainy on top
  • Scroll: free or with notches
  • Light: 117 g
  • The cord doesn't affect the overall look
  • Two buttons under the thumb


  • Single resolution available
  • Communication with computer limited to 125 Hz
  • Few options in the driver


Excellent value for money for mainly office doc usage. Basic spec is less suitable for gaming or anything that requires additional precision (retouching images), for which we recommend the G500.
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Store Available Price £
Amazon 25.90 See offer  
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