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Vincent Alzieu Published on January 19, 2012
Translated by Catherine Barraclough
This is an archive page, the content is no longer up to date.


  • Sensor Laser
  • Wired? / Docking Station? yes / no
  • Battery Cable
  • Maximum Resolution 800 dpi
  • Reporting Frequency 125 Hz
A mouse with a built-in scanner? Surprising as it may sound, that's exactly what LG's LSM-100 is—a handheld mouse-turned-scanner designed to save space in any cluttered office. But is it really all that useful? Let's take a closer look.

LG scanner mouse - the scanner
The scanner (5.3 cm long)

After Canon's calculator mouse, this latest Inspector Gadget style creation from LG has a built-in scanner that's 5.3 cm long (see above).

Decent Scanner

LG scanner mouse review - smart scan buttons
The Scan button and (underneath) the scanning zone marked out with arrows

Once you've installed the driver (Windows only), you can instantly switch the mouse been regular mouse mode and scanner mode by pressing a handy button under your thumb. The computer screen then goes black, and as you sweep the mouse over a document, the scanned image starts to gradually appear onscreen before your eyes. You don't need to be too precise about things either—you can use the scanner a bit like an eraser, moving it around quite randomly. A software application then does the job of piecing the image back together, and even straightens things up so your document looks perfectly lined up onscreen. Check out the process from A to Z in our step-by-step storyboard below:
LG scanner mouse review - on a magazine
Place the super-shiny mouse on whatever you want to scan. In this example, we're using a magazine.
LG scanner mouse review - scan controls
Onscreen instructions. Button 1 to zoom in or out and button 2 to stop scanning. Yeah, OK, we know it's in French in the picture above, but you can change the language.

LG scanner mouse review - scanning in action
Scan the page however you like. It doesn't have to be straight either—just sweep over the image and watch it appear onscreen!
LG scanner mouse review - straightened up
The software straightens things up, then you can resize the scanned image as required, make changes using the editing tools and save or export the result.

Once you've resized the image, the next job is to choose what you want to do with it (share, save, print etc.).

LG scanner mouse review - menu

Paste Image, Paste text, Share, Save, Print, Edit, Settings

Once you've decided what to do with your scanned image or text, open the program you want to send it to (word processing document, spreadsheet, photo editing software, e-mail etc.), then simply press the relevant button in the LG software to transfer it instantly.

Individual characters are recognised very well, but if you're scanning a language that uses accents then you may find they aren't always reproduced correctly! The formatting of the original documents is reproduced well too, with line breaks and all. Note, however, that you do lose any pictures when you choose the 'paste the text' option. To keep ALL the scanned elements (margins, image and text you can edit), you need to save your scan then export the results as a PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP, PDF, XLS (Excel) or DOC (Word).

The mouse works well for scanning documents, magazines and images, but doesn't do as well with business cards, which could ultimately be the most useful thing about it. We had to try several times to scan business cards effectively, as they kept slipping around all over the desk as we tried to scan them. However, it seems that LG does actually supply this mouse with a special holder to get around that very problem. Unfortunately this accessory had gone missing from the box of the mouse we were sent to test so we weren't able to try it out! Here's a picture of what it looks like:

LG scanner mouse review - business card scanner

Needless to say, we're pleased to see this accessory included given how much the scanner mouse costs!

A Pretty Basic Mouse
On paper, the Scanner Mouse looks pretty good, boasting a symmetrical design that's suitable for left- and right-handers, as well as a set of handy thumb buttons.

Unfortunately, though, the mouse is much too big. Plus, the plastics used aren't particularly pleasant, and the super-shiny finish means it always looks dirty (LG even supplies a cleaning cloth—a matte finish would surely have been simpler?!?). Finally, as a mouse, the LSM-100 has a fairly basic set of components. The sensor can only track a maximum speed of two metres per second and there's no way of adjusting the sensitivity (dpi). Anyone looking for speed and precision in a mouse should therefore look elsewhere.


  • Built-in scanner
  • Good character recognition
  • Export to PDF, spreadsheets, e-mails, text files, image files etc.


  • Glossy finish gets dirty quickly
  • Too big, too angular, handling could be better
  • As a mouse, it's quite basic


With a more subtle, comfortable, ergonomic design, the LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse could have bagged itself a fourth star as its scanner function could (occasionally) be pretty useful.
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