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Our pick of favourite peripherals

The 4 best computer mice of the moment: the best all-rounder, the best-value computer mouse, the best budget option, the best choice if money is no object.

Editor's Choice : Logitech G502 Proteus Core

In spite of its revamped and rather aggressive-looking design, the G502 is actually quite similar to the excellent G500S, inheriting star features such as comfortable handling and the practical scroll wheel. This model gets a few extra shortcut keys, which always come in handy for gaming and office computing. All in all, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core is an excellent update of the firm's iconic gaming mouse.

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Store Available Price £
Amazon 50.99 See offer  
Pixmania - 62.00 See offer  

Left/Right Handers : Roccat Lua

The Roccat Lua lacks a few buttons and some driver functionality to compete with the best gaming mice. However, at this price point, the Lua is one of the best options out there for gamers, as the sensor keeps track of fast-action movements.

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Store Available Price £
PC World - 19.99 See offer  
Currys - 19.99 See offer  
Amazon 24.99 See offer  

Budget Option : Logitech Corded Mouse M500

This is a decent-quality and comfortable mouse that's great value for money. It's principally designed for office computing.

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Store Available Price £
Amazon 25.90 See offer  
Amazon 34.49 See offer  
Amazon 35.61 See offer  

Experts and Pros : Roccat Tyon

Designed with flight simulators in mind, the Roccat Tyon is nevertheless a good mouse for all types of gaming. It is comfortable to hold, with plenty of customisable buttons and an analogue stick. It's the best all-round gaming mouse on the market.

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Store Available Price £
Amazon 49.99 See offer  
PC World - 79.99 See offer  
Currys - 79.99 See offer  

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