Published: January 10, 2013 1:37 PM
By Romain Thuret
Translated by: Catherine Barraclough
Ever worried about dropping your smartphone down the loo? Concerned about how your legendary clumsiness could cost you an iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S3? Or maybe you just fancy taking a bath with your iPad? In any case, HzO has the answer with its WaterBlock technology, which can be used to make any electronic device water-resistant. Impressive stuff!

HzO WaterBlock

Hidden away at the back of the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the HzO stand has become a real attraction at CES 2013. The firm's small stand is being used to showcase its WaterBlock technology, featuring devices like an iPhone, a Kindle, a Galaxy S3 and an iPod Nano displayed in aquariums, tubs of Coca-Cola and beer, toilet bowls or under continuous streams of water.   

HzO WaterBlock

In spite of their hostile environments, all of the devices on show can be seen working as normal. Some, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, is even displayed open with its battery clearly exposed! Check it out in the video below: 

HzO's waterproofing is based on a nanotechnology coating derived from spatial, military and aeronautical research. The WaterBlock coating is applied to the batteries, components and internal circuitry of a device to protect it from water and other corrosive liquids (e.g. orange juice, Coca-Cola, etc.) as well as temperatures from -50°C to 120°C. 

HzO WaterBlock

The WaterBlock coating protects smartphones and tablets from the inside out, without having any effect on how the device works. For example, a WaterBlock-treated phone won't get any hotter when in use than a standard model. 

HzO WaterBlock

HzO has been testing out its expertise for the last two years on loads of different products, and is working with with several partners to release products already treated with WaterBlock technology. Tag Heuer, for example, has teamed up with HzO to work on a waterproof watch.

Let's hope that some major smartphone and tablet makers managed to get a look at this stand at CES 2013, as WaterBlock clearly has loads of potential!

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