Review: Sony BDP-S1100: Compact Design, Power Efficient

Our score: 4/5
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March 27, 2013 9:05 AM
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Published: March 27, 2013 9:00 AM
By Pierre-Jean Alzieu
Translated by: Catherine Barraclough
The Sony BDP-S1100 is designed to replace the BDP-S185. Like its predecessor, this Blu-ray player has a very compact design. Unlike many current models, it doesn't come with 3D support, but you do get access to Sony's various online services. The BDP-1100 also boasts Sony's Triluminos technology, as seen in the firm's 2013 TVs, which promises to increase the device's colour range.

Hardware & Design

BDP S1100review - from the front

Sony has updated this Blu-ray player's design a little for 2013. The BDP-S1100 casing has an angular, almost chiselled look, but it's upper surface is still smaller than a sheet of A4 paper. It'll fit easily and discreetly into your TV stand or cabinet!

On the back, the composite connection has gone, which isn't too much of a problem these days. That leaves HDMI, Ethernet and coaxial audio ports on the back and a USB port on the front. This Blu-ray player is therefore only suitable for set-ups using HDMI.

BDP S1100 review - connections

This Blu-ray player offers access to Sony's various online services. Unfortunately, the model we tested refused point blank to connect to the Internet. We'll therefore come back to this section when we get a new BDP-1100 to test.

The built-in media player now supports self-powered 2.5" external hard drives, which is good news. Plus, once your peripheral is connected (external HDD or USB flash drive), the BDP-1100 can play most file formats natively. Chapters, subtitles and different audio tracks (languages) are all supported. The only downside is that Sony seems to have overlooked DivX support (container and codec)! Flac audio files are compatible, however.

The BDP-1100 is a very speedy device. It takes 18 seconds to switch on then a further 16 seconds to display the first image from our test Blu-ray disc.

Picture Quality

As we've already explained elsewhere, picture quality doesn't really vary from one Blu-ray player to the next. The Sony BDP-S1100 is no exception. Our test gear didn't detect any alteration to the original disc image.

The SD upscaling mode is the same as ever too. In fact, this function hasn't really improved much over the last few years. Although upscaling quality is fine, the image still looks too soft and some aliasing effects are still visible. The PlayStation 3 does a better job.

Power Use

This Blu-ray player certainly knows how to keep a low profile, as on top of its super-small design it hardly uses any power. In fact, it sets a new record among the Blu-ray players we've reviewed, using barely 6 W when playing a Blu-ray disc.
4/5 Sony BDP-S1100 DigitalVersus 2013-03-27 10:00:00


  • Compact design
  • Low power use (6 W)
  • Built-in media player supports most file formats
  • Responsive, user-friendly interface similar in style to PlayStation 3 menus


  • No 3D support


The Sony BDP-S1100 is an excellent Blu-ray player with a very compact design. We liked its responsive, user-friendly menus, which are similar in style to the PlayStation 3 interface. Anyone looking for 3D support, however, will need to look to a higher-end model.