Published on February 8, 2013 1:30 PM

CES 2013: DTS Headphone:X

Bad news for Dolby?

Five years after Dolby launched Dolby Headphone, its arch-nemesis DTS has finally found a product to counter it with that emulates the Home Theater experience for headphones and earphones: DTS Headphone:X.

Dts headphone x

While Dolby and DTS now offer basically the same service—simulating up to 11.1 surround sound on headphones—when you start looking at the details it becomes obvious that Dolby is still several steps ahead. For one thing, Dolby's system is compatible with all audio sources (stereo and all multichannel formats), but DTS's system supports only DTS and DTS-HD.

The problem is that DTS-HD is difficult to find outside of specific MKVs and Blu-rays. And it will definitely be a while until mobile devices start offering any real results with those. Today, there's just one app capable of supporting the system, Dice Player for Android. For iOS there's nothing.

Dolby and DTS may be neck and neck in most fields, but Dolby doesn't seem to have much to worry about when it comes to mobile devices.