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Our sister site, was founded in Paris in 2004 and was one of the very first online magazines dedicated to testing consumer electronics products.

DigitalVersus, the English-language version, followed in 2007. Every day, dozens of products pass through our labs, from the tiniest smartphone or GPS to huge LCD TVs. A team of technicians and journalists tests each and every product impartially. Our aim is to make our findings as clear as possible for readers with little or no technical experience, so that you can make an informed choice and buy the right product.

Where does the money come from? How can we trust your results?

We're committed to providing independent tests, and are only too happy to be open about how we make our money. We have three main income streams:

The first is from our UK price comparison site, Every time you look at one of our product tests, you'll see a list of the best prices available on the web. If you then click through from our review and decide to buy one of our products, we'll receive a small cut. It's a fair system as we remain totally independent: the vendors are all chosen by our partners, eBay Commerce Network, and we have no say in whose prices appear. The same is true for the manufacturers: we have no interest in pushing one brand over another as you'll see the same independent list of prices either way.

Secondly, there are ads, which are managed for us by NEWEB Régie. They handle the contracts and the details: where the ads go, how many there are, how long they last and what formats are shown for example. We do refuse some advertisers, though. Classic examples include online gambling or adult websites.

The third, and smallest source of income for us is syndicating our content in print magazines and newspapers. It's not an area where we're looking for growth, though. We are seeking to grow, of course--but online!

The last thing you should know—-and you'll just have to take our word on it-—is that these sites were founded by a group of four friends with money out of their own pockets with the aim of bringing you the most impartial tests out there.

Who's who?


  • Director of Publications: Vincent Alzieu
  • Finance Director: Florent Alzieu
  • Technical Director: Mathias Lallement
  • Advertising: NEWEB Régie

International Editorial

  • Catherine Barraclough: Editor & Translator for
  • Hugh Ehreth: Editor & Translator for
  • Matthew Cripsey: Translator for

French Editorial

  • Florence Legrand: Editor-in-Chief
  • Pierre-Jean Alzieu: Lab Director
  • Vincent Lheur: Editorial Coordinator
  • Fabien Pionneau: Sub-Editor
  • Béryl Chanteux: Sub-Editor
  • Alexandra Bellamy: Head of Department – Home Appliances
  • Ariase : Specialists in Broadband Package Comparison
  • Arthur Azoulay: Writer & Reviewer – Cameras, Printers
  • Bénigne Millière : Writer – Computers
  • Benoît Campion : Writer – Audio
  • Bruno Labarbere: Head of Department – Cameras & Photography
  • Céline Nebor: Writer – Cameras & Photography
  • Corentin Béchade: Writer – Mobile Devices
  • Christophe Séfrin : Writer & Reviewer – Sports Devices, Small Home Appliances
  • Erick Fontaine : Head of Department – Automotive
  • Fabien Pionneau: Head of Department – Video Games & Sat Navs
  • Guillaume Letoupin: Writer & Reviewer – Audio Devices
  • Jessica Richard : Community Manager and Writer – Video Games
  • Johann Breton: Writer
  • Marie Georgescu de Hillerin : Head of Department – Audio Devices
  • Marine Goy: Writer – Home Appliances
  • Régis Jehl: Head of Department – Components & Storage
  • Rémi Jacquet: Writer – Printers
  • Renaud Labracherie : Editor-in-Chief of Focus-Numérique
  • Romain Thuret: Head of Department – Tablets
  • Sofian Nouira : Writer – Mobile Devices
  • Valentin Lormeau: Head of Department – Televisions


  • Mathias Lallement: Head of Development
  • Emilie Jointer: Development Engineer
  • Louis Ngo: Developer
  • Denis Baudot: Developer
  • Jeremy Vogt: Developer
  • Gaëtan Alzieu: SEO
  • Hanna Salhab: Webdesigner & Graphic Designer
  • Thomas Rivière: Graphic Designer
  • Alexandre Botella: Pricing Manager

Press Contacts and Advertising:

You can send us an e-mail if you have any questions about advertising on one of our sites.

Office : (+33).

Postal Address:

Factory Eleven
134 rue d'Aubervilliers
75019 Paris - France

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