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Our sister site, LesNumériques.com, was founded in 2004 and was one of the first French websites dedicated to reviewing consumer electronics devices. DigitalVersus, the English-language version, followed in 2007.

Our mission? To help you find the right device for you, the one that will mould seamlessly into your life. We are a team of some 45 dedicated professionals, including 25 journalists and tech experts who impartially test and review over 1,000 devices every year in our own, fully independent, state-of-the-art labs in Paris. We’re constantly on the move, jetting to the States, Korea, Japan and throughout Europe to stay on top of the latest devices and trends. Some of us are French, some of us are British or American, all of us are deep into the tech game.

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Where does our funding come from?

Three sources of revenue

Price listings: every product we review has a price list at the top and bottom of the page taking you to an online retailer. For every click made, we earn a few cents. This system ensures us complete autonomy from the retailers, because it’s handled automatically. The same thing applies to the brands who make the devices: if a reader chooses one smartphone over another, it’s all the same on our end. As a result, when we advise readers on a purchase, they can rest assured that it’s fully independent from any manufacturer or outside party.
Advertising: NEWEB Régie handles all our publicity, negotiating contracts and managing site integration, quantities, durations, banners, formats and so on.
We also produce content (articles, tutorials, etc.) for third-party publishers, sometimes as white-label content.

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You can contact us by email for any information relating to the implementation of an advertising campaign on DigitalVersus.

Klervia BIANCHI - Office : (+33). - NEWEB Régie

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